Life is full of colors, therefore I paint.

Amalija Andersone

I’m here to make the world more beautiful with my art –large-format abstract paintings, wall paintings, epoxy art or beautiful food photography.

I look for the colors in the world that inspire me and make my world bright. I collect moments of inspiration for my art – bright blue skies, pink flowers, gorgeous costumes, dark eyes, beautiful old house walls, exotic world music and great peace of mind.

Art for me is the creation of a new colorful world, meditation for a tired mind. Splashing around with paint is a pleasure for the soul.

Painting is a feeling of the moment that does not fit into the frames, deadlines and sense of order. Painting is love without opinions, it is a feeling and love of happiness and fulfillment of the world, self-search and thought.

I want to inspire people to engage in art and color therapy – we don’t need to know how to draw, we don’t need art school papers, we don’t need permission from anyone else to create art. We need to do it for ourselves, for our own joy, inspiration, peace, contentment!

Most of all I adore painting while traveling. In terms of feelings, it is the most inspiring thing in my world, because with all your senses you are there and what you take in you give it straight back – “you are what you consume”;)