Sēklu Muss

Product photo and styling for healthy snacks Sēklu Muss / Latvia

Moskovskaya® Infusion

Advertising poster for Moskovskaya® Infusion in collaboration with ad agency Dingo & Schwarz

Graci Muesli

Product photo and styling for Muesli Graci – functional muesli, hot cereal and quick meal of high nutritional value.

Crazy Easter Bunny Cake Table

Photo and styling: Amalija Andersone www.amalija.lv Environment: Cake House Amalija in Riga, Latvia Cakes: confectionery SALA Spoons and cups: Baibele Handmade

Ze Donats

Doughnut photo for Ze Donats Riga, Latvia

McCafe summer drinks 2018

In cooperation with the advertising agency TBWA / Latvia and Ingus Reisenberg, the photo of McCafe’s new seasonal flavors