Skrīveru saldumi

Product photo and styling for Skrīveru Saldumi – a sweets manufacturing company which produces the traditional “Skrīveru Gotiņa” candies and the top quality chocolate, marzipan candies of the “Aspasia” brand as well as other sweets from the very best ingredients

Moskovskaya® Infusion

Advertising poster for Moskovskaya® Infusion in collaboration with ad agency Dingo & Schwarz

Graci Muesli

Product photo and styling for Muesli Graci – functional muesli, hot cereal and quick meal of high nutritional value.

Ze Donats

Doughnut photo for Ze Donats Riga, Latvia

McCafe summer drinks 2018

In cooperation with the advertising agency TBWA / Latvia and Ingus Reisenberg, the photo of McCafe’s new seasonal flavors

Fresh cider from organic Latvian apples

Produktu foto priekš Tālavas Sidrs / Product photo for Tālavas Sidrs Made of 100% organic apples that have soaked up the best of Northen European nature – fresh spring breezes, hot summer sun and crisp autumn. Distinctive season climate and rich soil have shaped its unique character.

Easter treats

Food photography and styling for confectionery “SALA”   /   Ēdienu foto un stils: