Easter treats

Food photography and styling for confectionery “SALA”   /   Ēdienu foto un stils: www.amalija.lv

“Zemnieku saldējums” ice creams

Food photography and styling for “Zemnieku saldējums” new tastes – vanilla ice cream from goat`s milk, black ice cream and sunflower halva ice cream.

Jersikas Chips new tastes

Packaging design photography. Jersikas Chips new tastes. In collaboration with advert agency colorart.lv    

Christmas gold

Photo & styling: www.amalija.lv for Cosmopolitan DIVA holiday edition.  

Pie Cēzara

My photo and styling for “Pie Cēzara” tea and coffee products

McCafe winter drinks

Food photography for McCafe winter drinks. In collaboration with advertising agency TBWA / Latvija.  

KAH Tequila photo shoot

KAH Tequila – Day of The Dead Tequila Inspired by Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Styling & photo: www.amalija.lv

The Beginnings

Product photo for The Beginnings health food products.

Be a beautiful cake

Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins! Food photography & styling: amalija.lv Cakes: Mr. Biskvīts  

McCafe summer drinks

Food photography for Mc Cafe summer drinks In collaboration with the advertising agency TBWA / Latvia and Inguss Reizenbergs