Feel the aroma

SMARŽEKLIS is environmentally friendly Latvian wooden air freshener impregnated with aromas characteristic to Latvia. Product photo shoot for winter and Christmas feelings.

MARA Naturals

MARA Naturals is inspired by the beauty of Latvian nature, in wish for perfection in each detail and with a passion for what Latvian Goddess Māra believes. Photo: amalija.lv

Sweet cupcakes

Sweet cupcakes by Latvian cake master Ilze Bērziņa.    

Delicious summer tarts

Delicious summer tarts with chocolate, caramel, popcorn, strawberries and cherries made by Latvian cake master Ilze Berzina.  

Summer cakes

Delicious homemade cakes with chocolate, flowers, popcorn and salted caramel: Ilze Bērziņa Food photography and styling: amalija.lv

Confectionery “SALA”

Food photography and set design for confectionery “Sala” who is one of the leading confectionery manufacturers in Latvia.

Love in forests

My beautiful friends are married.. Photo: amalija.lv Set design: Eva Medne radividi.lv

Masterpiece of taste

The heart of the restaurant “Giardino” is the kitchen, which is run by the charismatic and skillful Italian cheff Giorgio Bicorni. Giorgio has updated the menu by adding a few interesting newcomers. For example, for lovers of fish and seafood chef prepared several surprises: one of them home made pasta tagliatelle with lobsters and mushrooms….

Jersikas CHIPS

Should you have an appetite for something really delicious, try Jersika’s chips! They are so crispy and airy that you cannot but taste them. Chips are not cooked in oil and a special recipe is used for its production. food styling & photography amalija.lv collaboration with advertising agency colorart.lv

Latvijas dabas velšu un augu vakariņas

Rudzi, spināti, jāņogas, meža sēnes, dārzeņi, avenes, liepziedi un vēl… tikai sezonāli augi un dārzeņi, iegūti Latvijas laukos un mežos. Šefpavārs Reinis Kluss piedāvā Latvijas dabas velšu un augu vakariņas.  

Creative photography workshop

Creative photography workshop in Metsapoole, Pärnumaa, Estonia Photo workshop STROBIST / 16 Set Design: Eva Medne www. radividi.lv Technical Director: Miks Šķēle Photography: Amalija Andersone Models: Elīna, Gatis, Harijs    

Al Mari Anni chocolate

Photography and styling for hand made chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, truffles and chocolate dragee: Al Mari Anni

EKSELENCE ice cream

Food photography and styling for new ice creams with orange and pistachio macaroons.  

Honey Cake

Home made delicious honey cake made Ilze Bērziņa, photo and styling by me

Pikniks & Grils

Pikniks & Grils maija Rimi Gardēžu speciālizdevums. Garšīgs darbiņš padarīts kopā ar reklāmas aģentūras Two Berries meitenēm.