Who we are? is a food and product photography and set design agency. Our specialty is to bring out the best of your work and show it in the most beautiful way possible – and we are good at it! We love beautiful things and great food – and we can translate that feeling in our photography.

If you need to show your clients the best of your products or you’re wondering what your cookbook, food advertisement, magazine article, print or digital material, social media marketing for food should look like, what your content should say, how to make good food brand with great photographs and… we have the answer!

We have great experience working together and creating great images with many brands including Food Union, The Organic Protein Company UK, McCafé LV, KAH Tequila, Jersikas CHIPS, Maxima LV, Rimi, confectionery “Sala”...


           What we can offer you?

If you know exactly what you need – we can create it. Custom set design to suit anything you could want. Technically advanced photography - to capture the exact jaw dropping moments in full detail.

If you are still in the woods – we can help you find the right direction. We know what brings out the best of your work and we can help you choose the right way. You know that certain feeling that you want for your brand? We will translate that feeling to photography for you.

We can be wherever you create your best work – no need to worry about your ice cream melting on the way to the photo shoot - we can set up our portable studio right beside the production line, and your specialty dish looks best when freshly served out of your own kitchen.

And if you produce just one ingredient – we work with the best chefs to prepare custom recipes for your product.

It’s all about your product and your needs – we will sort out the rest!